Dentures and the De-composed

Mention the name Strauss and the first thing that springs to mind is The Blue Danube. For many it is the composer’s signature work. There was the opera, Die Fledermaus, too, and many other works that may not sit so readily in the public consciousness. Johann Strauss II (below on the left) died in 1899, but his music still lives in the hearts of music lovers all over the world

Now, another musical virtuouso for you… Johannes Brahms (pictured on the right), one of the great Romantic composers, best-known for his Brahms Lullaby, who died two years earlier than his fellow composer.

What do these two men have in common other than a rare musical ability and similar Christian names? Well, alright, they are both sons of Austria and reside in the same graveyard, but thanks to one particular gentleman, reported on in today’s Daily Mail, they will now have one peculiar thing in common. Did I say ‘peculiar?’, well let’s amend that to ‘downright creepy’ shall we?

It would appear that both men have become the target of a modern grave robber, who likes to take the teeth and dentures of the dead. ‘OJ ‘-  for that is how he describes himself – has even filmed himself performing his gruesome extractions using a pliers.

He is seen pulling a skull from one of the composer’s tombs and giving a running commentary as he removes the teeth. The dental lover claims to have amassed hundreds of skulls and dentures from graves in the Viennese Central Cemetery and says he wishes to put the teeth into a museum.

Police are investigating and have ordered checks on the graves of other famous composers buried in the same cemetery, including Beethoven, Schubert and Schoenberg.

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I am a journalist, author and book editor. I have published five novels - four (Tan, The Golden Grave, A Time of Traitors and Patriots' Blood) set during the Irish War of Independence and Civil War, and the fifth (High Crimes), a modern thriller. I'm a history enthusiast who loves a good yarn.
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8 Responses to Dentures and the De-composed

  1. Wow, that’s pretty gruesome!

  2. Wow… Thought one could be safe in one’s grave at least!! :\

  3. dubmantalks says:

    Wow! Good story to chew on. Spookey eh?

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