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The Fighting ‘Fair Sex’

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta’s recent announcement to overturn official US military policy which banned female service members from artillery, armour, infantry and other combat roles has caused much comment. Frankly, I don’t quite understand this reluctance on the part of … Continue reading

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‘Mad Jack’, the sword-wielding Commando of World War II

You might have thought that archery skills and the use of a broadsword were the preserve of war theatres like Agincourt, six hundred years ago, but then you probably never came across Lt Colonel Jack Churchill, or ‘Mad Jack’ as … Continue reading

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World War One Shell Shock suffering revealed

Recent World War One footage released by British Pathe shows the disturbing effects of shell shock on a soldier’s system. Uncontrollable shaking, terrifying nightmares and lying on the floor convulsing were just some of the ways that traumatised soldiers reacted. By … Continue reading

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