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The SS killer and the Holocaust survivor

Last week Erich Priebke (left) was buried. He died on October 11 at the grand old age of 100. His name may not mean much for some people but to those who suffered because of him, it is one that … Continue reading

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The Gentlemen’s War

Whenever I think of World War One I hear, like some faint historic echo, the chatter of machine guns and the sucking noises of feet struggling through muddy fields and waterlogged trenches. I see the sparse surroundings where only the … Continue reading

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Escape from Berlin: When Freedom Mattered More Than Life Itself

In an age when our emails and websites are monitored; when companies can tell where we shop, what we buy and how much we spend; when CCTV and mobile phones can track our every movement; when the law tells us … Continue reading

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