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Murder, Lust, and The Land That Never Was…

It’s 1914 and US Navy Ensign Fitzhugh Green is freezing, exhausted, and on foot in the frigid, icy wilderness of the Arctic, watching in frantic despair as his only companion, an Inuit hunter called Piugaattoq, climbs astride a dog sleigh and … Continue reading

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Dutch Courage: The femme fatales who lured Nazis to their deaths

Among the dunes of Zuid-Kennemerland, on North Holland’s west coast, the silvery-green leaves of sea buckthorn are buffeted by the Atlantic’s salty breezes and fearsome gales. You’ll find the shrub on coasts across Europe, and all the way to Mongolia … Continue reading

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Fires, factories and forgotten disasters

Quite what the citizens of Mannheim, Germany, made of the lumps of metal that hurtled through the air and landed in their environs on September 22, 1921, is anyone’s guess. The fact that the metal had been blown from the … Continue reading

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