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I am a journalist, author and book editor. I have published five novels - four (Tan, The Golden Grave, A Time of Traitors and Patriots' Blood) set during the Irish War of Independence and Civil War, and the fifth (High Crimes), a modern thriller. I'm a history enthusiast who loves a good yarn.

The Romanovs’ Irish Nanny

The Limerick woman Continue reading

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The Irish rebels who fought for Israel

It was 1948 and as the military half-track drove through the Beit Netofa Valley, at the village of Madna in Galilee, shots rang out. One Israeli soldier was killed and another was hit in the head. A sniper had zeroed … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Holocaust heroine

The great events of our past – the wars and the genocides – are just a series of small steps strung together… steps that when looked back upon appear to be a seamless, momentous journey. And because of that, we … Continue reading

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The relic hunters

Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but some remorseful thieves in Dublin decided to leave theirs in the care of the Irish police force last week. The city’s Christ Church Cathedral welcomed back an old friend … Continue reading

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The first female detectives

Growing up in Dublin’s inner-city northside, my childhood was filled with crime. Ironside, Mannix, Banachek, The Rockford Files, Hawaii Five-O, The Streets of San Francisco, Cannon, Kojak, Columbo, McCloud, Petrocelli, Quincy M.E… I watched them all. They were cops and … Continue reading

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Murder at Maamtrasna

Myles Joyce muttered a stream of Gaelic as he walked bareheaded through the prison gates, escorted by two warders. It was just after 8.15am on December 16, 1882, and Joyce had only a few minutes left to live… the scaffold … Continue reading

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Killer cult – The St Patrick’s Day Massacre

The cult with a death wish Continue reading

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Ireland’s Alcatraz

Ireland’s island prison and it’s great escapes Continue reading

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‘Auxies’ – the 20th century’s first special forces

  Eminent author and historian Paul O’Brien has written a series of meticulously researched books on the Easter Rising (Crossfire, Shootout, Fields of Fire and Battleground), which offer a fly-on-the-wall look at the actions of that momentous week. They should … Continue reading

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When friends became foes…

I’m glad to say that I finally managed to let go of my latest Liam Mannion novel, Patriots’ Blood (book four in the series). Both the book and I have had a few ups and downs along the way since … Continue reading

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