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It’s a hard thing to do, giving your work over to someone else to critique. However, it’s the one process guaranteed to make your work tighter, flow better and capture the reader’s imagination the way you intended.

IMG_1271I’ve written six novels, so I understand what goes into producing a book – I know all about the agonising over characters and plot, the worry about whether the rhythm is right or whether the dialogue is convincing or not . . . whether that deftly worked phrase you spent an age on is really worth including or not. I know, because I still agonise over those things myself when I write.

But that’s good . . . it’s a sign that we care, and that we’re committed to our craft.

I’ve been a Features Editor and Associate Editor with Ireland’s largest newspaper group, a News Editor with the Irish Daily Mail, and have been editing articles for over 30 years for a variety of magazines and national newspapers, always working to tight deadlines.

I can combine my copy editing and proof-reading skill with my ability as an author, and I can help you in the process.

Should you require content editing, I will provide a full edit, taking in grammar, punctuation, spelling, rewriting of sentences, as well as assessing the overall structure of your story. I will also provide a comprehensive report on plot, structure, dialogue and characters. Once you have made the editing changes, I will then do a second edit of your novel, and provide you with a shorter, second report. I will also provide a Skype call or email access should you wish to go through changes in further detail.

My rates for a complete content edit, as described above, is 1.5 cents per word. A proofread only is charged at 1 cent per word. This is a guideline price – fees may vary a little based on the complexity/difficulty of the edit.

If interested, email me two chapters of your manuscript. I will provide you with a FREE sample edit. This enables me to evaluate the level of editing required and provide you with a realistic quote for my services. This process also affords you the opportunity to see how I work.

If you would like to contact me, please fill in the form below.


I discovered David through LinkedIn and thought his profile looked interesting enough to contact him with regards to my latest book. He came back to me quite quickly and offered to look at the first three chapters for free, which I accepted. I was so impressed with the detail and insight of that first peek into my pages that I asked him to do a full edit.
When I received it back I was amazed at the detail of his edit – he was completely thorough, I don’t think a thing wrong or out of place was missed. On top of the edit, he sent me several pages of comments on the storyline, characters, and timeline, which I am currently working my way through.
I totally recommend David’s editing – he has given me so much more than I expected and, what’s best is that I know I have a better book for his input.
Genre of Work: Cosy murder mystery

– Pamela Smith, author

I knew David’s high standard of writing from reading and reviewing his novels and took him up on the offer to sample edit the beginning of my new book. I was very impressed with his engagement with the story and the characters and with the quality of his suggestions, just on the comparatively little that he had read of the story.
His subsequent edit was thoughtful and incredibly helpful and highlighted some minor and some larger areas that needed improvement. Reading his detailed suggestions and opinion of the novel motivated me highly to go back and make changes, adding scenes and dropping what wasn’t needed.  It’s been a very stimulating and productive experience and process. David has a great way with words and knows how to deliver a very honest critique and keep your enthusiasm at the same time.
His services were competitively priced and his turn around was fast and efficient.
I learned a lot from the experience and can only recommend him.

– Christoph Fischer, author of Conditions; In Search of A Revolution, The Gamblers, Ludwika

David Lawlor edited my latest novel. I chose him for several reasons. His own works of fiction are flawless. He’s a journalist and understands the precise and concise use of language. He’s also an editor by trade, so I knew his eye would detect discrepancies in plot, weaknesses in dialogue, and errors in mechanics. I was correct in my assessment. His comments were extensive and constructive. His attention to detail was impeccable. Here’s the best thing I can say about David Lawlor as an editor: I plan to hire him again when I publish my next novel.

– P.C. Zick, author of Native Lands

I never imagined, when I asked David to be a beta reader for my novel, that I would get the full services of a first-class editor.  His three-page response to my questions provided a stunningly useful commentary on the overall pacing and the interaction of the characters, comments that immeasurably improved the dramatic tension of my story. But he didn’t leave it at that … he went on to offer paragraph-by-paragraph, and occasionally line-by-line, suggestions for word usage, as well as the balance between narrative and dialogue.  He was beyond thorough and his insights were invaluable.

– Mary Gottschalk, author of A Fitting Place

When I asked David Lawlor to review a pre-publication copy of my novel “Go Away Home,” he responded with feedback that sent me back to the keyboard to rework sections, to slow things down, and to add depth. He didn’t have to take the time to give that kind of in-depth feedback – after all, I’d only asked for a review blurb. But his comments were on point, and I knew it. The novel I published is far better than the review copy I originally sent him.  David is the kind of person I’d want as an editor – someone who gives you more than you ask for. Oh, he gave me the review, too.

– Carol Bodensteiner, author of Go Away Home




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